Solar water pump systems

Water is one of our most important life-sustaining resources. In any community access to drinking water for human and animals, as well as water to irrigate crops, is essential.

The cost of fossil fuels is rising. If access to water continues to rely on diesel generators or grid electricity, so too will the cost of water. By switching to solar pumps we can prevent this from happening.

At Daima Energy we make sure that every pump we install the correct size for the borehole and that every tank will meet the requirements of the community it serves. In most cases as there is no need to lay electric cables to the borehole, making solar borehole pumps a more affordable option than their mains-powered counterparts.

We also provide a maintenance service to ensure that your investment remains fully functioning and protected.

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Solar hot water systems

Our business model is designed to bring about sustainable benefits, not just for us as a company but for our customers, their communities and our environment too.

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