Borehole pumps

Submersible pumps bring large quantities of water from boreholes up to ground level. They are used to improve drinking water supply, livestock watering, pond management and irrigation.


  • Long life expectancy and proven in-service record
  • Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost-effective servicing and repair
  • Water-filled motors for reliability and to avoid oil contamination
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Very strong ROI against diesel-powered pumping
  • Large range of pumps to closely match each application and optimise efficiency
  • No grid electricity required
  • Solar water pump requires minimal maintenance


  • Maximum depth of 350m
  • Water temperature specific variants to provide the most efficient outputs
  • High-quality, non-corrodible materials used throughout
  • Cast stainless steel components
  • Solar direct connect with AC connection options
  • MPPT technology to maximise power use from PV modules
  • ECDRIVE DC brushless motors designed for solar, with over 90% efficiency

Inverter chargers


Irrigation surface pumps

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