Solar lanterns

When night time falls, kerosene lamps are for many people their only means of lighting up their homes. These fuel-powered light sources are not just potentially toxic , they’re expensive too.

Our solar lanterns cheaper, healthier and safer and, as with all Daima Energy products, they are smart and built to last.

Charge it with the supplied solar panel during the day and light up your home at night. It’s that simple! You can even use it to charge your mobile phones.


  • Kerosene lamp replacement
  • 360° light distribution
  • Powerful LED Light
  • Tough construction
  • Waterproof
  • Solar/Mains/12V DC/USB charging
  • Mobile phone charging
  • No more costly fuel purchases
  • Suitable for task lighting as well as room lighting
  • Multiple uses

Led flood light systems


Pv modules

Our business model is designed to bring about sustainable benefits, not just for us as a company but for our customers, their communities and our environment too.

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