A solar home system installed by daima technicians

Families in rural off grid areas have no access to electricity and are dependent on fossil fuels for light. The toxic fumes and poor lighting affect health and eyesight. Children can’t do their homework, family time is curtailed and it is not possible for the adults to engage in income generating activities in the evenings.


DAIMA PARTNERS WITH DORCAS AID TO INSTALL A SOLAR BOREHOLE SYSTEM THE PROBLEM Lack of water in the school and its neighbouring community. Children and women have to travel long distances to get water. So much time is spent to obtain this essential commodity and as a result children miss school, and sometimes there are cases of water-related diseases due to consumption of contaminated water


Just at sunset all trading activities are closed as darkness sets in. There being no lighting, conditions are favourable for insecurity; shops can be broken into and goods looted. Travellers who arrive at night fall victims of muggers in the cover of darkness.


Schools in off-grid areas without access to electricity depend on fossil fuel lamps for studies during the evenings and mornings. These lamps are dim; there light is not bright enough for reading and they produce toxic fumes. Pupils are not able to complete their assignments. Also, the pupils do not learn computer work to keep up with the current technological era and are thus disadvantaged compared to their counterparts in areas within the national grid.


Power outages at the power station cause a lapse in co-ordination of activities between the control centre and operations offices. This results in delays when responding to customer queries and inefficiency in accomplishing technical tasks for smooth operation

Our business model is designed to bring about sustainable benefits, not just for us as a company but for our customers, their communities and our environment too.

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